LEDFOOT (Tim Scott McConnell)
Ledfoot is probably the best solo liveperformer you will ever see. Well known from the legendary band The Havalinas, Ledfoot has developed his own solo style with only his 12 string guitar and foot stomps. But sure - nothing more is needed! Here is his fascinating story: LEDFOOT a.k.a. Tim Scott was born in a trailerpark in Florida i 1958. He was son of a boilermaker who moved around to different jobs. So Tim went to an average of two schools a year while he grew up. At the age of 15 he started to play biker bars around Florida and moved to New York when he was 17. He played all the underground clubs in NY such as. legendary Cbgb's, Max's Kansas City and Mud club. In 1979 he joined the band The Rockats and signed a deal with Island Records and toured around USA in the next 5 years. The album came out on Island Records in 1981. In 1983 he went solo and signed his first deal with Sire Records where he released "Swear" in 1983. He then signed to Geffen Records where he released "High Lonesome Sound" in 1987. In 1989 he started The Havalinas with Smutty Smiff (Rockats, 13kats) and Chalo Quitana (Cruzados, Bob Dylan, Social Distortion). The band signed to Elektra after a bidding war between the major companies and released "The Havalinas" in 1990. They toured around USA extensively and did support gigs for Bob Dylan, Chris Isaak and Tina Turner. The band also made Tim well known in Europe as they did 3 tours around Europe. In 1993 Tim Scott moved to Norway and the bands only release on Electra became their first album. In Norway Tim signed with Warner Music who released the album ”Deceivers and Believers” in 1994. This album gave Tim heavy radioplay in Norway. In 1996 he did an album on Waterfall Records, the same year as Bruce Springsteen recorded Tim Scott´s song ”High Hopes” on the Bloodbrothers EP and DVD. Since then Tim did two albums, one with an acoustic swing-jazz concept called MoMacTrio and a solo record released in 1995 titled "13.songs". The last years Tim has developed as a guitarist and his new concept is called Ledfoot. Ledfoot because there is only Tim on 12 string guitar and ”stomp” and great songs! The first album under this concept ”The Devils Songbook” was released Autumn 2007, and the new Ledfoot album was released in Norway Autumn 2010. Foreign releases start of 2011. This is a double CD for a single price, containing 12 songs in solo versions and the same songs in band versions on the second CD! Tim sums his transformation to Ledfoot like this: -Ended up at the crossroads a few years ago and joined the great blues tradition of taking all the angst – desperation – trouble – pride – fear – joy –lonelyness – bitterness – the strength and hope in me and distilling it down to my voice, slide, my bastard 12 string guitar and my ledfoot. What you hear is what you get...honest.
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